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The Race and Change with Doctor Kitty Oliver

The Race and Change with Doctor Kitty Oliver. Dr. Kitty Oliver is a veteran South Florida journalist, author, oral historian, and university professor with a Ph.D. focusing on race and ethnic communication. She has been featured on CNN news, “Black in America,” for her race relations work. She is also president of Kitty O. Enterprises, Inc., […]

Multicolored Memories of a Black Southern Girl

Multicolored Memories of a Black Southern Girl. (The University Press of Kentucky, $25.00/hardcover, $17.95 paperback) Kitty Oliver takes readers on a journey of exploration from her hometown of Jacksonville to the halls of the University of Florida as one of its first African American freshmen in 1965 and far beyond. One reviewer describes it as […]

Multicultural Reflections on Race and Change

Multicultural Reflections on Race and Change. (Bordighera Press, $20.00, is compiled and edited by Kitty Oliver as a reader on race and ethnic relations. In personal essays by Florida Atlantic University students in her courses explore their experiences with differences as they collect or research oral history interviews in the archival Race and Change Oral Histories […]

Voices of America: Race and Change in Hollywood, Florida

Voices of America: Race and Change in Hollywood, Florida. In Race and Change in Hollywood, Florida, veteran South Florida journalist and oral historian Kitty Oliver has compiled the fascinating stories and anecdotes of Hollywood residents, people who have documented the region’s history in their hearts and minds. Illustrated with photographs from local archives, historical societies, and […]

An Evening of Jazz and Multicolored Memories

The Museum of Art – DeLand will present An Evening of Jazz and Multicolored Memories, A Performance by Dr. Kitty Oliver on Friday, March 1, on stage at the museum’s 600 N. Woodland Blvd. location. The doors open at 5 p.m. for a reception and to view the art exhibit “African American Art: We Too Dream […]

University of Florida Black History Month

University of Florida Black History Month. Dr. Kitty Oliver ( Race and Change), a celebrated journalist, nonfiction writer, and oral historian, entered the University of Florida in 1965. She was one of only 35 African American students of 18,000 enrolled and one of only 5 black freshmen to integrate campus housing. She tells her story […]

Kitty Oliver Lecture Performances

Kitty Oliver Lecture Performances. Kitty Oliver is an author and oral historian, TV and radio producer, Ph.D. race relations scholar and “inspirational jazz” recording artist who shares these talents in enlightening, non-confrontational lecture-performances and workshops that bridge differences and promote reconciliation and progress. Entertaining and educational topics for civic, community, professional and business groups include: […]

The Race and Change Oral History Collection

The Race and Change Oral History Collection has over 125 interviews on race relations and is one of the only historical archives which features multicultural-multiethnic narrators. Blacks, Whites, Hispanics/Latinos, Caribbeans, and Asians share their growing up experiences in various parts of the U.S. as well as other countries, and their encounters with race, focusing largely […]

“Race” and Change stories

Join the new Race AND Change Community on Facebook – a space where people from cultures around the world can share race and ethnic relations experiences in a hopeful, progressive way. Author and oral historian Dr. Kitty Oliver presents: Insights and stories of immigrants and native born residents of the U.S. and other countries.  Unheard perspectives […]

Kitty Oliver Oral History Projects

Kitty Oliver Oral History Projects. Dr. Kitty Oliver is an oral history consultant working with educational and community organizations to develop and teach courses and conduct projects for the purpose of presentations to the public as well as archival research. She is a member of the national Oral History Association. Current projects: “The Race and Change Initiative” is […]