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Producer/host, “Voices of Race and Change: The Younger Generation” a webcast radio program featuring poignant, insightful reflections on race and ethnic relations by American-born and immigrant college students and teens and educational resources available for download for further conversations in your school or community. 


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Interesting that Ron Howard, director of the Beatles documentary “Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years”, chose to include an exploration of race and change during the Sixties as part of the larger international story of the band as a musical phenomenon. I managed to shake some, if not all, of the cobwebs from my memory to share my small almost forgotten part in it alongside some celebrity products of the era including Whoopi Goldberg and Elvis Costello. The message resonates beyond history, though. When we choose to move out of our comfort zone and take a stand for justice and humanity, the universe shifts our lives as a result.

Dr. Kitty Oliver hosts a look at the cultural landmark African American Research Library and Cultural Center for the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau’s Multicultural Business Development Office.The Race and Change Oral Histories Archive is housed in Special Collections at the library, ranked in prominence with New York’s Schomberg Library in preserving Black and Caribbean history and culture.

CNN’s Black in America looks at Dr. Kitty Oliver’s background as an integration pioneer in 1960s and career creating healing dialogues across cultures through oral history and television work.